Refund Policy

Any funds,deposits, or credits to a customer's account is eligible for refund strictly when the funds have not been accounted for in campaign spend. Refunds may also be subject to any associated processing fees.

Any credits given by use of coupon or otherwise hold no monetary value outside of Smart RTB and are ineligible for refund.

Refunds will only be sent to the original form of payment (Credit Card, or Paypal address) to protect the original account holder.

Privacy Policy

Smart RTB may collect user information through website signup used for site access, transactions for fund deposits, or for marketing and update materials.

Collected information may be shared with a third party when required to complete service, such as payment processing. All transactions are secure and PCI compliant, and no information will be shared with other organizations outside of service requirement or legal obligation.

Any e-mail promotions users opt into during sign up may be opted out of by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail.

Smart RTB platform collects advertising data of impressions. In this process, no Personally Identifiable Information will be collected.