One OpenRTB Integration, Many Ad Exchanges

Quickly integrate with multiple mobile SSPs across a standardized protocol


The only real-time mobile ad exchange you will ever need

SSPHighway is an OpenRTB compliant mobile ad exchange that defragments the RTB supply space by enabling DSPs to access multiple ad exchanges through a single integration. No need to support multiple OpenRTB versions, or worry about ad markup formats - we do the heavy lifting for you.

We save demand partners time and money, reducing development costs as well as recurring costs via intelligent auction throttling. All while enabling immediate access to new supply partners.

The Next Generation Platform For DSPs

As a valued DSP partner, you will have access to our self-serve platform. Want to add a new exchange? Simple, with the click of a button you can be integrated and purchasing inventory on a new rtb exchange in minutes.
Run reports to get a breakdown of ad spend by hour, or exchange, and view average QPS rates. You can even use our integrated DMP for media planning which reports by daily volume and average win CPM globally.
Just one RTB version
We standardize all exchange versions, ad markup formats, and other quirks for you. Shortening dev time and costs.
Lower your operating costs
SSPHwy intelligently throttles auctions your DSP, saving a huge margin on monthly computing and bandwidth costs
All ad units at scale
From banner, to native, fullscreen and video - we offer inventory at extreme scale. All through the standardized OpenRTB 2.3
Immediate ad exchange access
No waiting in long integration queues. Integrate once, and have an immediate seat on multiple inventory sources.
We enrich request data
We fill in os, carrier lookups, id and any other fields that may be missing from an upstream exchange for you.
Integrated DMP
Run reports and drill down to view daily impression volume and win prices exchange wide. Filter by exchange, country, device details, and more.


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